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How to promote your company or product on the WhatsApp messaging service


If someone had told me a few years ago that WhatsApp would one day be used to promote products, I would have argued against it. However, WhatsApp can now be used for that purpose.

Although WhatsApp does not currently offer paid advertisements for businesses, you can bet your bottom dollar that as soon as there is enough traffic, there will be a promotion. The only problem that remains is figuring out how to advertise on WhatsApp.

Fortunately, that is the goal of this article: to show you different ways that you can advertise your product or business on WhatsApp.

The benefits of using WhatsApp for advertising

The terrain is perfectly flat.
Aside from paying a mini influencer, which is not an expensive method, every other method of promotion is completely free, albeit demanding effort. Every company is on an even playing field, regardless of the size of their marketing budget.

It has the potential to spread rapidly.
If you have a large number of personal contacts on WhatsApp, there is a good chance that they will assist you in sharing your promotion with their friends. This means that your company has the potential to become widely known online.
Or at a very low cost

You can get mini influencers to promote your content for a low amount of money, or you can create your own group and contact list for nothing more than your time and effort and call it freedom.

Promoting your product on WhatsApp comes with the same degree of flexibility as any other form of online advertisement; as long as you have your phone with you and are connected to the internet, you are free to do it wherever you are and however you like.

Even though it depends on the content, engaging WhatsApp promotion can be engaging; your customers can ask you questions about our ad, which can lead to sales.

If you want to promote a new product or make an announcement to your customers, using WhatsApp is the best platform to use because it will go viral very quickly.

This is feasible due to the fact that members of your family and friends will enthusiastically accept the opportunity to test your product.
What you need to know to promote your company on the WhatsApp phone platform
the app WhatsApp

Content (video, content, pictures, info graph) (video, content, pictures, info graph)

Cathy ad

Advertising formats available on WhatsApp

If you are using video to attract visitors, then your advertisement really ought to be in the form of video as well. This is especially true if you are using video to sell something.

Written content

This kind of advertisement is best suited for contact groups or contact lists, as WhatsApp, like other social media platforms, thrives on content. It ought to go through extensive editing and be formatted with WhatsApp emoji; anything that will make it stand out from regular messages should be included.

Concise video clip
Use brief videos for WhatsApp TV, make sure they are interesting, and don’t forget to include a call to action on each one of them.

Advertisements in the form of pictures can be shown on group and WhatsApp TV, and if they are interesting and memorable, they have a high rate of conversion.

The use of info graphs.
If you want your customer to understand how to use your product, this is similar to a picture but a little bit better; the conversion rate will be low, but you will have a lot of traffic that will eventually turn into customers.

You could use it for your group, but it has a low conversion rate and very little traffic. Only use it if you intend to teach your customers something new.

Promotional strategy or strategies for use on WhatsApp

You can’t just post about your product every day and expect people to buy it from you. If you do that, you can’t expect people to buy from you.

Before I list the method, I want you to know that advertisement, especially free advertisement, relies on engaging content.

Because we are human, we require something that will pique our interest and cause us to follow you. This could be in the form of a picture, piece of content, information graph, or video.

Contact list
On WhatsApp, you do not add people in the same way that you do on Facebook; instead, you must have their contact information stored on your phone or in Google. The more contact information you amass, the greater the number of people you will be able to target. When looking for new customers, you should make sure they are the kind of people who can purchase what you are selling.

How do I go about accumulating numbers?

When I talk to people about advertisements on WhatsApp, I always hear this a lot.

Your friends’ and family’s phone numbers should be the first set of numbers you collect; double check that you have their WhatsApp number.

Second step have two ways; you can try to associate with your friend’s friend and try to collect their number. This method is very slow, yes it is; do you want to use the fast method instead?

Here it is

You should harass your friends until they give you their contact list and then send them a cold message explaining how you got their number and that you want to be their friend; however, you should be aware that this method may result in a high churn rate.
Keep the contact in your phone, and after the initial week of getting to know each other, you can start showing them your product directly; however, you should make sure that you test them on a regular basis.

The WhatsApp TV app
Funny, WhatsApp does not have a television feature; instead, users post updates to their status. You can turn your status into a television show that people watch. Your television show should include interesting content, such as funny videos and pictures; this will make people stick to your status whenever you drop content, and in between those content you can promote your products and services.

The key to success on WhatsApp TV is to post at least eight pieces of engaging content at once, while limiting yourself to posting just one image that promotes your business.

Put your phone number at the very top of your content to increase the number of people who view it. That way, when people download it and post it on their status, your number will spread like wildfire.

This strategy may require a significant amount of time on your part, but if executed correctly, it is the most effective approach because it allows you to market your company to consumers who are currently in the market to make a purchase.

You can also promote the group by sharing your content on Facebook and other social media platforms; however, the content you share should be something that people are interested in learning.

For instance, you could create a group on mini ecommerce and teach people how to sell their products on social media.

If you are unable to go through this process, you can join a group that already contains your potential customers, get in touch with the group’s administrator, and offer to pay a fee to promote your product.

At the conclusion of each promotion, you should include a chat link so that people can communicate with you directly.

Branding and WhatsApp commercial enterprise

If your personal WhatsApp account still displays your name, you should either change it to the name of your company or create a separate WhatsApp account for your business.

While the second option is preferable, the first is not recommended because you are unlikely to use the business account as frequently as your personal one, which would defeat the purpose of branding your company.

When you strike up a conversation with someone or a group of people, people will definitely check the name, and they will remember what your company does when they have a need for your services or product.
a profile on WhatsApp

People often check profiles, and when they do so, they will see what you do and file it away in their memories. Rather than leaving your profile as currently ‘available’ or ‘God is good,’ put a brief bio of your business that will let people know what you do.

Problems that can arise when using WhatsApp for business or product advertising

WhatsApp is only appropriate for use by small businesses or for testing out new products; if your company is on the larger scale, you should look elsewhere until Zuckerberg sets up an advertising platform for WhatsApp.

An excessive number of inquiries Although inquiries from customers are beneficial, receiving an excessive number of them can negatively impact your company because you won’t have enough time to sell your product.

If you are not someone who thrives under pressure, WhatsApp is not for you; even if you have the financial means to invest in WhatsApp influencer ads, doing so will not get you as far as the methods outlined above will.

It will take some time.
It takes some time for advertising on WhatsApp to produce results; if you lack patience, you will become frustrated with the process and eventually give up.

You don’t have to be concerned about cabals or spending a large amount of money on advertisements, but you do need to move quickly before big businesses take over the space like Facebook has done. WhatsApp for advertising is brand new and it’s free.


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