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Become distributor of Lafarge and Dangote cement in Nigeria

Not everyone likes dust and seeing cement, so if you do, congrats! You will soon be smiling to the bank. The cement distribution business continues to make waves in Nigeria. It is no longer news that it is a lucrative business that continues to pump money for people who go into it. And do you know what? Less people are doing the business because they see it as a dirty business.

Enough with the nice phrases, tell me how to become a distributor for Lafarge or Dangote cement.

Calm down, we’re almost there.

Lafarge and Dangote are the two most widely used cement brands, so this article will focus on them. It also applies to any location you may be in, including Ogun, Oyo, Ondo, Ekiti, Kwara, Osun, Edo, and Delta.

I want you to take notice of the following before we get into the specifics.

Dangote Group

Thanks to its affordable price and high quality, Dangote cement is the most widely used brand in Nigeria. The company was founded on this principle.


Lafarge company

Lafarge is one of the most popular cement brands in Nigeria; it was founded in Sagamu and Ewekoro in Ogun State and has since established itself as one of the best with its high-quality cement. Lafarge produces a variety of goods, include

Elephant cement

This is their most well-known product, and it is combined with sand to create blocks that are used to construct homes.


This is mostly produced for block molding and is not very well-liked. Stronger than an elephant, it


This is combined with sand to form pillars and other crucial structural components.


How to become a distributor for Lafarge and Dangote in Nigeria



Starting a cement distribution firm will require some capital; at the very least, you will need between #5 million and #20 million.


Undoubtedly, what you are doing now is one way to gain knowledge, but you should go to someone who is already successful in the business to learn from them. It shouldn’t take you more than two weeks to become fully knowledgeable about the cement distribution business.

Feasibility analysis

To determine whether your cement distribution business will be lucrative in your region, the first step is to do a feasibility study.

The fact that a business is successful in your friend’s location does not guarantee that it will be successful in yours. The inquiries for your feasibility study are listed below.

number of rival businesses nearby

Is the site you offer accessible by car?

People in your area have money to spend.

Prepare your warehouse.

The first step is to set up your warehouse and prepare your venue. Pallet should be placed on the floor, and cement should not be stocked too close to a wall to prevent caking. Additionally, before sweeping, moisten the floor to reduce dust that could lead to respiratory diseases.

Register your company

You must register your company with the CAC (Corporate Affairs Commission) in order to prevent future conflicts with the law. You also need to do this in order to become a distributor for Lafarge or Dangote. Another advantage is that it will encourage people to trust your company.

Request for distributorship

Before they can start providing you with cement, both Lafarge and Dangote need some documentation, and they are

attestation of a company’s CAC registration

Request for distributorship letter

bank identification number (scanned)

Photograph of the founder/MD for a passport


Get personnel

You need to hire staff to help with the lifting and recording because you can’t do it alone, but you also want to make sure that the people you hire are trustworthy. You can do this by using referrals; ask people to recommend candidates to you.


Any firm depends on marketing, so you must treat it seriously. The following are the media you can use to advertise your cement business in Nigeria. Since cement is a location-based business, if you conduct your feasibility study well, you won’t encounter any difficulties.

Post a sign

Build a signpost to a crossroads nearby; it will direct people to your site and function as advertising.


Flyers are necessary to draw customers if you are just starting off. Don’t forget to make the design of your flyers appealing so that when you give them to your friends and family, they will be compelled to redistribute them—exactly what you want.

Create a website

Since we now live in a virtual world, creating a website for your company with SEO-friendly content that will draw visitors to your site is the greatest method to establish an online presence. Contact us to have a website built with SEO content.

Use the internet

Although it won’t help much, don’t ignore it because it might help your company become well-known.


Even though it can be expensive, try to do it at least once since the cement business is location-based. Radio advicement will be beneficial to you.


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