CPA Marketing in Nigeria for Beginners

Gone are the days when you needed to refer a product and make a sale before you could make money with affiliate; now, you can earn more money with just a click and action. It is well known that it is easier to perform an action such as taking a survey than it is to buy a product outright.

In this article, you will learn everything there is to know about affiliate marketing, including how to find a niche, find a CPA network, and make money. We go over everything in detail, but before we get started, please keep the following in mind.

What exactly is CPA marketing?

CPA marketing is a type of affiliate marketing in which an affiliate promotes a link to their traffic and when someone clicks on it and performs an action such as taking a survey, the affiliate earns a commission. It’s that simple; there’s no need to sell anything.

How does it work?

CPA marketing has three main roles: CPA network, advertiser, and you, the affiliate.

After reviewing the link and the offer page, the advertiser will submit it to the CPA network, which will place it on their platform for affiliates to copy and paste into their traffic source. Advertiser —— CPA network —— affiliate

Affiliate marketing terminology

Manager of Affiliates

When you sign up for an ad network, you will be assigned an Affiliate manager who will show you how to set up a CPA link and maximise your earnings. Depending on the platform, the individual may take you by hand or simply release some materials.


This is the payment you will receive when someone clicks on your link and completes the required action. The amount is determined by your niche and the type of CPA network.

Rate of conversion

This is the number of people who take an action after clicking the link divided by the total number of people who click the link. This is it; some will click the link but not complete the task, while others will click and complete the task.

Link in context

This is the affiliate’s naked link, which you will insert into your content to drive clicks. Check that the link is properly placed.

Profit per click

This is the amount you receive when someone clicks on your affiliate link and takes action. The amount you earn per click is determined by your niche.

Page of Offers

When your visitor or user clicks the affiliate link, they will be directed to a page where they can complete the action; this page is known as the offer page.



If you’ve been doing online business for a while, you’ll know that it all comes down to niche. You need to find a segment of people who will click on your affiliate link and then create content that will drive them to your site.

When choosing your niche, do not follow the standard rules of affiliate marketing; you know you want users who can click and perform an action, which most high traffic niches do not provide.

The following niches are suitable for cpa affiliate marketing.


Loss of weight


App for mobile devices



Your niche should be something on which you can provide content; you must first provide value before you can take it.

source of traffic

This is the real deal, and it will determine whether or not you earn. There are numerous ways to get traffic to your cpa links, such as social media, blogs, and forums, but the best is to have a blog. With a blog, you are in control; no one can block you like social media does, and your users will trust whatever link you post; in fact, most cpa networks will request your website before signing you up.

When creating your blog, I recommend that you use WordPress. While some may try to confuse you, WordPress has been proven time and again to be superior to Blogger or Wix.

Join CPA network.

The next step is to sign up for a CPA network. While there are many CPA networks in the world, only a few accept Nigerians thanks to Yahoo!

Media conversion





grip cpa

Cpa executive


The key to making more money with CPA marketing is to try them all and select the top four.

Entering  CPA network

Well, I made it seem simple up there, as if you could register with CPA network today and be accepted that day, but there are things you must do to be accepted, and when you submit your application, it is actually human beings who will access it. Follow the steps below to quickly get accepted into the CPA network.

Put your true information there.

Don’t be clever; fill in your real information; don’t use websites or blogs to which you don’t have access; your cover will be blown when you need to enter a code into the blog.

Contact them by phone or email.

To expedite the process, do not stop after submitting the form; instead, go to your email and send them a message explaining why you want to work with them, praise them in the email, and you will be accepted before you know it.

Have a ground traffic source.

You will be asked where you want to promote the link; while some networks accept social media and forums, the majority of this network prefers blogs; therefore, you should have your blog ready with content before applying.


CPA affiliate is a serious business; you may be asked for a one-on-one interview; tell the truth during the interview; if you are eligible, you will be accepted; if not, you should work on it.

Behave properly with the CPA manager.

After you are accepted, you will be assigned a cpa manager who will guide you through the process. Do well with them and follow the instructions they give you, though some do not use cpa managers.

Increasing traffic to your blog

After creating your blog, you must promote it in order to increase traffic. Do not simply publish a post on your blog and expect users to flock to it. The methods listed below will help you promote your blog.

Make a social media account.

Connecting your blog to a social media platform of your choice, such as Facebook, is one of the best ways to drive free traffic to your blog. When you post, it will be shared on Facebook, directing users to you.

You can also create a page or space where people can always get blog content.


YouTube is another way to drive traffic to your blog, but it is more expensive; if you have the funds, set it up and create content that users want. You can also use YouTube to drive traffic to your blog by including your affiliate link in the description. YouTube is not like a blog; you must create a compelling headline that will entice users to click.


SEO is the best way to drive traffic to your blog; once you get it right, you won’t have to do much work, but I warn you that the beginning will be difficult.


If you want to get traffic quickly, try SEM (Search Engine Marketing) or social media ads; though they are more expensive, you will undoubtedly see a return on your investment. I recommend that you use SEM because it has been shown to be effective for blogs. Additionally, the more users who click on your ad, the lower your cost will be.

Email distribution list

Set up your blog from the start, as well as your email pop up, and send them a summary of your content once a week. When a user signs up, do not immediately send them a link; instead, let the relationship grow to the point where they can trust you. It is best to send them content for at least one month before sending them affiliate links.

Withdrawal of earnings

After obtaining traffic and earning money, the next step is to transfer it to your Nigerian bank account. To do so, you have several options for receiving your money, depending on the cpa network you use.




The Western Union

Bank wire transfer


The best method is Payonner; it is simple to set up and your money can be transferred to your Nigerian bank account; however, their exchange rate is not favourable.

Affiliate marketing versus CPA affiliate marketing

There is no need to sell.

Selling a product offline is more difficult than selling it online; convincing someone with written words is more difficult. With cpa marketing, you are not selling anything but an offer and an action, and most of the time, this offer will not take much time and your user will benefit from it as well, so it is a win-win situation.

Form of registration

Email submission

Taking a poll

Obtaining the file

There is no deposit required.

Unlike affiliate marketing, where you must pay before being accepted, cpa requires no payment once you meet their requirements, which are mostly niche websites.

Difficulties of CPA Affiliate Marketing in Nigeria

More difficult to enter

As a beginner, it is difficult to enter a cpa affiliate programme because you will not understand their requirements. However, after trying out two or three networks, you will understand what you need to do, and once you get it right, you will be in business.

Nigeria does not have access to the Juicy cpa network.

Most of the high-paying cpa affiliate networks are not available here, possibly due to the traffic source or the activities of the Yahoo guys. Though there are ways around this, such as changing your IP address, I will not advise you to do so; believe me, it will end in tears; instead, stick with the ones that accept Nigerians.


Users dislike clicking links, and those who do so do so because they trust the website, and the only way to earn their trust is to create high-quality content that solves their problem.

CPA affiliate marketing profitability in Nigeria

That depends on your niche, the CPA network you join, and how hard you work, but the average earning of a CPA affiliate in Nigeria is $500 per month. Of course, you can earn more than that; I know a guy who earns $4000 per month solely from CPA marketing, and don’t forget you can also earn from other sources with your blog.


CPA affiliate marketing, like other online money-making ventures, is difficult. If you believe it will be simple, I advise you to reconsider. What is actually difficult in CPA affiliate marketing is traffic, but once you get it right, you will make money.


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