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How to launch a poultry farming company in Nigeria

One of, if not the most, profitable industries in agriculture is broiler production. Contrary to what some people would have you believe, it does not require much money. By definition, broiler farming refers to the raising of broilers from day old (DOC) to market weight, which is typically 6 to 12 months.

There is a lot of risk in the broiler production business, but if you can control this risk, you will always smile to the bank each month. It is a sector of agriculture that people don’t like to get into because of its roughness, lack of knowledge, and risk.

This article will explain in full how to produce broilers and the knowledge of the broiler industry.

I’d want to point out the following before we begin the steps.

Poultry farming has a subgroup called “broiler production.”

You may have read a number of articles that confused poultry with broiler; nevertheless, broiler refers to fowl like layers, cockerels, and noilers, while poultry is the collective term for domestic birds such fowl, turkey, guinea fowl, quail, etc.

Although you can combine them into a business, raising them requires a different method, as does the business concept.

Terms used in broiler production

Day-old chick

Taking care of day-old chicks by keeping them warm and feeding them everything their mother hen would give them is known as brooding.

Litter: a mixture of wood shavings and bird droppings

Vaccines: they aid in the prevention of viral infections.

vaccination: the act of giving a vaccine

Medication: giving a drug

niche market in broiler production

One advantage of establishing a broiler production business is that there are several niches you can explore if you have limited starting money, but if you have enough funds you can take up the niche all at once. The profit increases as you take on more company chains.


Huge funds are needed, but there is less room. Your responsibility in this position is to raise both male and female parent stock of broilers. Your goal will be the fertilized egg they lay, which you can either keep for yourself or sell to a hatchery.

Note that the egg I’m referring to is not the same as the one you cook; instead, it is a fertilized egg that is expensive. To support my point, I’ll use the current prices of one egg ($80), breeders eggs ($250), and chicks (DOC) ($450).


Did I mention that breeding requires a lot of capital? If so, this one is capital “eplosive” (lol). It is your responsibility to use incubators to incubate the breeder eggs and then hatch them after 21 days. In this market, there are two company models, and they are

Breeders can hire your hatchery for a period of 21 days; you will be charged per egg; most recently, the price of chicken eggs is #30.

You can purchase an egg from a breeder, hatch it yourself, and then sell the chicks to someone who will raise them.

three weeks Broiler

You tend to chicks at this market from their first day until they are four weeks old, then you sell them to individuals who will grow them to market weight. It requires less area and doesn’t require a lot of capital. For those with little resources, this market is suitable.

Broiler in market weight

Depending on the size of your company, it can require a lot of funds. In this place, you can either start with chicks from hatch and raise them to market weight, or you can buy them at four weeks.


This is in the category of financial “explosives.” It is your responsibility to turn the broiler into chicken, which necessitates the construction of a processing facility. In this market area, there are two company models.

You can assist the producer in butchering their chickens in exchange for a fee; most recently, the fee was $150 per bird.

Broilers are available for purchase, processing, and sale to retailers or the final customer.


The list’s last chain is this one. Your task is to purchase frozen chicken from the processor and sell it to the end customer. Depending on how your negotiations with the processor proceed, you may need more funds.

If you understand your target customer and what to do to satisfy them, the entire chain can be profitable.

Steps for beginning broiler production in Nigeria


Lack of expertise is one of the reasons broiler farming has a high failure rate; to escape this trap, attempt to gain the necessary knowledge by working as an intern on a farm. A different option is to hire an expert to help you through the entire procedure; you can get in touch with me for that (I’m an animal scientist).

Feasibility analysis

It is a good idea to carry out a feasibility study before opening a business. This will show you the pros and cons of a business and how profitable it is in the proposed location. Include the following inquiries in your feasibility study:

Does the proposed location have a good road system?

How is the competition there?

What about labor?

How simple is it to acquire raw materials such as wood shavings?

business strategy

A business plan is a safe haven when you need to get a bank loan or investment from an investor since it explains your vision, mission, and how to move from one milestone to another. By writing it, you will be doing yourself a favor.

Organize your pen

Regardless of the broiler producing niche you decide on, you must set up your home before stocking. There are two systems you might use if you want to get involved in the area of parenting.

Semi intensive

In semi-intensive care, you give your birds free reign inside a fence. They may not be fed ad libitum, and you can raise them for several months.

Intensive system

In this system, there are two techniques, which are

system of battery cages

Although this method is not advised, if your bird is small or you have chickens in your backyard, you can keep them in a battery cage. Another reason I dislike battery cages is that they are expensive and bad for the business of producing broilers, but if producing clean broilers is what you want to do, go for it.

system of deep litter

Here, a broiler being raised on a floor covered with wood shavings. Although it is the best approach for housing chickens, it takes more work.

Purchase machinery

Equipment required for the manufacture of broilers includes

supplying through

Water flowing

Light source

a heat source for brooding

Spade or a shovel

Waste management


Please purchase day old chicks from an established hatchery. Your broiler business can be made or broken by day old chicks. Day-old chick from a poor hatchery may have been infected with a disease that will show up later on.

Additionally, there are some vaccines, such as the Marek disease vaccine, that hatcheries must give day-old chick before selling them; if this is not done, your birds will likely perish.

Depending on your niche and your target market, you can choose from the following breeds of day-old chicks.

acre abort





You can get in touch with me to book day old chick.


Food and more food

You should be mindful of your bird feeding program because it accounts for 70 to 75 percent of the expense of producing broilers. Feed your chicken ad libitum if you want it to achieve market weight quickly, but if you want a broiler that will live longer than three months, you can feed it ad libitum for the first four weeks before rationing it later.

Managing techniques

Two categories of management practices are possible.

Typical management practices include feeding and watering.

Periodic management, including vaccine and medicine

In addition to hatcheries, poor management techniques are another source from which disease may arise, thus it is advisable to carry out your routine and occasional management well.



If your feasibility study is done well, your marketing efforts should go smoothly. Broiler is always in demand, so your only task is to locate potential customers (your target customer). You can accomplish this by using advertising mediums that your target customer can relate to.

The available advertising channels are shown below.

creating a website for your company (you can contact us for that)

Share flyers and your company’s logo.

branding your company name on the vehicle

Poster board


Social media promotion

website traffic from SEO (you can contact us for SEO optimization and content that will drive traffic to your website)

internet marketing

difficulties in the broiler producing industry

There is no business without difficulties of its own. The difficulties you could face in the broiler farming industry are listed below.


The smell that broiler farming produces might occasionally be irritating.


As quickly as you can, gather up your litter


Because they are prone to illness, broilers frequently lose chickens.


possess good management techniques

Purchase from a reliable hatchery


Thieves are destroying the poultry farming industry, especially the production of broilers. Funny enough, one of your employees might be this thief.


Employ individuals you can trust.


In conclusion

No throughout type of niche you select, broiler production is profitable once you’re willing to study and relearn.

Congratulations, you have already taken the first step in establishing a successful broiler production company.


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