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How to start comedy video script or act in Nigeria

One of the things Nigerians do to decompress after a tough day at work is to go to a bar and drink themselves into a stupor or to watch comedic videos. The latter has emerged as preferable over time because it is less expensive and does not embarrass.

Before standup comedy became popular four years ago, everyone looked forward to it but couldn’t always afford it. Now, thanks to Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook, anyone can access comedy videos wherever they are, which is also advantageous for comedy producers who can now reach a large audience and earn a lot of money.

This article’s main goal is to walk you through the process of starting a YouTube video, including what you need, how much it will cost, how profitable it will be, and how to market your video.

A comedy video skit depends on more than just talent or the ability to make people laugh; you also need to know how to set it up and have a solid marketing plan.

Before we begin, I’d like to alter your perspective on comedy skit. Comedy skit is more than just a skill or talent; it’s a business, and if you treat it as such, you can profit greatly from it.


Requisite tools for launching a comedy video in Nigeria

What you will need to start a comedy video skit in Nigeria is listed below.


This is the person performing the humor; this is the persona you’ll play in your comedy video. Our research shows that comedies with African characters at their center are popular and enduring.

Whatever African role you choose to play, such as African parents, African mothers, African girlfriends, African friends, etc., make sure you can play it or find someone who can.

As long as there is a costume and a video editor, you can play multiple characters instead of hiring actors to play each one separately. For example, you can play a father, son, and mother.


Comedy’s lifeblood is its scripts; if you aren’t excellent at writing them, find someone who is. Your script needs to be punchy, brief, and free of cliched dialogue. You can view videos of the best comedians in your niche to acquire inspiration.


You can become anybody you want to be by wearing a costume. Every character role should be represented by your attire. Don’t dress up like a father for your mother’s character; nobody will find it cute. You can change this; have different costumes for your characters. Most comedy video producers or actors don’t change their costume because it feels like a uniform to them.


Where and when will your video be shot are listed here. It should go well with your humorous story and be something that your audience can identify with. You can step in and change the pace by timing your comedy for the right time.

Four example, you can’t shoot a video about NEPA in the evening because it is bad because no NEPA go out at that time. Despite the fact that you might think it is a funny video where everything goes, viewers want something as real as possible while still being funny, which is why they prefer Jackie Chan to Jet Li.

The tools you’ll need

video recorder

You must purchase a video camera because you cannot do anything without one. You can buy a camera for $150,000 to start, upgrade when you’re successful, or rent one since you won’t be filming video every day, but let me warn you: the rental charge is extremely expensive.


The microphone is not necessary; it will only improve the clarity of your character’s voice. Buy a mobile microphone that won’t show when acting if you plan to use one.


You will mount your video camera on a tripod, which is necessary and you should get one.

In Nigeria, how to make a comedy video

Select a niche

Since there are many different types of comedy videos, you should pick one that best suits your objectives. The key to selecting a specialty is to focus on things that make others laugh and that you enjoy. The following are a few humor video production niches:

comedic animation/cartoons

comedic video with a Christian theme

satirical political video (Do not cross your limit in this niche)

comedy video for parents

Comedy parody video

Find the best artists in this field and follow them. Instead of copying their video or style, allow their video to serve as inspiration for your own.

Purchase tools

The necessary equipment is listed above; purchase or rent it and put it up.

Record a video.

If you wish to play all the characters, you will need at least one person to control the camera, but if not, get your actors (people) ready and start shooting your video. Use every tip stated above in the “what you need” section.

We can move on to the next phase if your video is clear and noise-free.


To clip and combine your videos together, you must obtain video editing software. As I mentioned before, editing software enables you to perform as every character in your video. With the aid of this software, you can chop and merge your movie to give the impression that there are numerous characters. There are many free editing programs like Filmmora available, or you can purchase editing software with more features.


Making a video and expecting people to view it is not enough. You must start from beginning when building viewers and followers, but fortunately, you can accomplish this for free on social media with some effort.

The advertising medium that you can utilize to promote your video is listed below.


There are many users of Facebook, and there’s a probability that you have a sizable friend list; they are the users who will view your content first. Every time you create a video, upload it there. If it’s funny, viewers will undoubtedly share it with their friends, causing your video to become widely popular.

Less I forget

Good products and effective advertising are the cornerstones of marketing. To succeed, you must produce funny videos. Make a quality video that has the potential to go viral because it will attract more viewers than a film that is not amusing or of high quality but has an effective marketing strategy.


Another social media platform that can elevate your video is Twitter. Make use of the hashtag and add a brief description of the video to help your Twitter video go viral.


You can also promote your video using Tictok, but you must edit it down so that you only share the funniest section and include a link that takes viewers to the full video or to your YouTube channel.


Since all other social media do not pay you anything, you must direct your followers to your YouTube channel since it is the first place you will post your comedic video. This is why I have listed YouTube as third. If you embrace SEO, YouTube may also be used as a marketing medium.

To do this, let the topic or title of your movie contain a keyword that people frequently use when searching on Google, such as cartoon comedy video, girlfriend comedy video, and others.


If you have a large number of devoted people on your contact list, you can also use this medium. Your video will go viral because loyal friends will download it and share it with their peers.


You may upload thumbnails (images) of your comedic content on Instagram in addition to videos, making it similar to how Facebook and YouTube combined. Additionally, people will become familiar with you, follow you, and connect with your brand. You can post an update about your upcoming video shoot to build anticipation and make it popular even before you upload it.

How to get money in Nigeria via comedy videos


The first location to monetize your video is on YouTube; after achieving 1000 subscribers and 4,000 view hours, you can upload it there. It is among the simple ways to make money off of your video.


Promoting other people’s businesses is another way to make money from your comedy video; in fact, once your video starts going viral, people will start approaching you for promotion.

Affiliate promotion

This is unusual. Affiliate marketing is all about recommending products made by other people in exchange for a commission. I won’t recommend it because it might divert your attention from creating videos.


Selling shutout is another way to profit from your comedy video. People will start approaching you as your videos gain popularity to help them celebrate their loved ones’ birthdays or send greetings.


If you don’t use the information in this article to start your short comedy video, reading it was a waste of time.



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