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Starting a frozen food business in Nigeria: what to do

Fish, chicken, turkey, and other foods that can be frozen are all purchased, stored, and sold in the frozen food industry. Like any other food-related business, frozen food is profitable, though not many entrepreneurs are aware of this. This is a good thing because the higher the demand, the higher the supply, and the more money the entrepreneur makes.

If you are reading this, it is likely that you want to start a frozen food business or that it is on your to-do list. In either case, I can assure you that if you follow all the instructions I will provide, you will be successful. However, before I explain the steps, I want you to be aware of the following:

Starting a frozen food business requires money

If you want to operate this business on a small scale, you will need between #50,000 and #100,000 in capital. If you want to operate it in Lagos, however, you will need more money because the cost of doing business there will be prohibitive.

The starting capital for a medium-sized business should be between #200,000 and #400,000, while your location may also play a role.

You will require more than 1 million naira to operate on a huge scale, and you will do so as a total seller rather than a retailer.

How the frozen food sector operates

The frozen food industry is a purchase, hold, and sell business that doesn’t require much expertise. Your responsibility is to purchase frozen food from a business or a farmer directly and store it in a freezer until a buyer arrives.

You could try to learn the skill of cutting frozen food, for example, a storekeeper might ask for cut-up chicken or deboned fish. You can discover this in a single day from nearby frozen food or by spying on them while posing as a customer.

Equipment required for the frozen food industry

chairs and a table





Air conditioner/fan



freezer, a

Boards of Woden


Available frozen food varieties

Fish (kote, titus, panla, e.t.c) (kote, titus, panla, e.t.c)

Chicken (chucken wings, laps, gizzard, e.t.c) (chucken wings, laps, gizzard, e.t.c)

Turkey (turckey wings, laps, gizzard, e.t.c) (turckey wings, laps, gizzard, e.t.c)



A carton of frozen chicken costs between #9,000 and #15,000.

Costs for frozen fish cartons range from #4,000 to #8,000


How lucrative is the frozen food industry?

This depends on the business model used; if you buy directly from a farmer, your income will be larger than if you buy imported frozen food, but since imported food is more readily available, let’s use chicken to estimate our income for a year.

If you purchase a carton of 10 kg of frozen chicken for #10,000 and sell it for $1,500 per kg, your revenue would be $15,000 and your profit would be $5,000.

If your location is favorable, you ought to be able to sell four cartons or more each week.

Four cartons cost 40,000 .

Four cartons of revenue equal #60,000.

Profit each week is #20,000.

Monthly profit = 80,000

Annual profit equals #960,000

How to establish a business in Nigeria selling frozen foods

The actions you must do to run a prosperous frozen food business are listed below.

Feasibility analysis

The first step in starting a business is conducting a feasibility study. You need to conduct research to determine whether your proposed business will be profitable and how profitable it will be in your location.

Ask questions, get to know your target market, what they need, and how they’ve been attending to those needs up until now. Also, check the level of competition. If there isn’t any, why does the frozen business fail in that location? If there is, can you compete?

Business strategy

You must create a straightforward and concise business plan, especially if you intend to engage in large-scale production. Write down your business’s vision and the steps you will take to achieve it over the next five years. Make sure you write it well because you might need a loan or investment to grow your company in the future.

Register your company

Small and medium-sized businesses may not require this, but large-scale businesses must register with appropriate authorities like NAFDAC and the Corporation Affairs Commission to prevent future conflict.

Rent a store or a shop

Renting a store is an economical option for small and medium businesses, but for larger operations, a larger freezer storage facility is required. To the best of your ability, you should locate your store near a reliable source of electricity because doing so will help you save money.


There are methods to consistently stock your store.

You can import frozen food or buy straight from the farmer. The difference is that buying directly from a farmer would yield more profits while purchasing frozen food supplied from abroad ensures regular supply.

Combine your frozen business with complementary products like rice, garri, semo, etc. to improve your profit.


If you conduct a feasibility study, you won’t have any marketing difficulties because, by this point, you will be aware of your target audience’s preferences and, most importantly, how to contact them.

The digital advertising channels listed below can help you connect with your customers.

Build a signpost

If you have a car, give it a name.

consist of home delivery


Make a blog with information that will attract readers (you can contact us for quality blog and content that will drive traffic to your frozen business)

Make a social media presence recognized.

Send out flyers.

challenges facing the frozen food industry

Inconsistent power supply

In Nigeria, irregular or nonexistent power supply is hardly news; in fact, it gets worse daily. If you want to avoid losing your merchandise, a frozen firm needs a power source that lasts at least 15 hours.


Try to find a nice site with a reliable source of electricity.

Get a generator

Bad flavor

Food that has been frozen for a prolonged period of time loses more of its flavor.


Ensure a good environment

Eat only as much as you can chew. Buy only what you can profitably sell in a week.


Finding a book to record every purchase will help you keep track of your purchases and will also show you how much money you are making or losing each month. Additionally, knowing what procedure to sell per kg will be helpful when the cost of frozen food increases.


Thank you for reading this brief post and for coming up with the business idea. Practice what you have learned here as the next step. Avoid being a wantrepreneur by getting up and starting your company.



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