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Top performing business in Nigeria you can do

Doing well in business is rewarding, but it is much more satisfying when there is little or no outside competition.

Although it is true if you are aiming for monopolistic business idea like setting up refinery, there are still some small and medium scale business idea that little people know about. The majority of people believe that untapped or low competitive business in Nigeria will require a lot of capital to set up.

Are you sure?

Businesses of this nature are not what the typical Nigerian person will ever consider, but on the other hand, Nigerians are quick to copy one another, and when there is news of success in one business, others will rush there, even if they do not have the resources necessary to build such businesses.

After completing research both online and in person, we discovered that there are a great number of businesses in Nigeria that face little to no competition. If you decide to pursue it, it will be a surefire success for you due to the fact that you will be the principalities of that business. This is true even if many other people later realize the potential of the business idea.

The following is a list of businesses in Nigeria

Wall paper business

Wallpaper, perhaps? You mean the wallpaper on a phone.

You have that completely wrong. Have you ever seen a design on the inside wall of a house, particularly in the living room, that looks like it was printed using 3D technology but is actually not?

You can tell this because the design was made in a way that is very different from 3D printing. This pattern is available as wall paper, and its sale brings in a lot of money.

However, I am not an artist, and I am unable to paint.

Who told you to draw? Bring out your inner businessman; if you can paint, what you need to do is find people who can paint and hire them, or buy their painting and sell it to individuals or malls.

If you can’t paint, you need to bring out the businessman in you. Promoting your company via social media is something you may do.

Installation of inverter

People in Nigeria are aware of the fact that the quality of the electricity will continue to deteriorate, which is why they have multiple generators installed in their homes; however, these generators are a royal pain in the behind because they are inconsistent in terms of whether or not they produce power, not to mention the noise they produce.

It is completely intolerable. Solar power is the solution that people have been yearning for, and they have discovered it; however, the challenge now is figuring out how to put it into practice. If you enter into this line of work, this is the area in which you will be required to work.

To begin inverter installation, you will need knowledge and skills, both of which can be acquired in a period of less than six months.

Palm oil business

No, I’m not able to pull this off.

You might be thinking that right now, particularly if you have a higher level of education; however, sir or ma, let me to assure you that this is one of the best businesses that will continue to make money for you so long as people continue to eat.

You will be able to make some nice cash with this business if you are able to get over your ego, which is not necessary in the business world anyway.

There are various subfields in the palm oil industry that you can specialize in, and they are as follows:

Oil palm farming

Palm oil processing

Palm oil distribution

Check out this link for further information.

Manufacturing of footwear

If you truly want to know how profitable this business is, you can ask people from Aba, and they will provide you with specific information about it. You will have to go quite a distance before you come across a shoe manufacturing company, despite the fact that this industry is highly profitable and mostly undeveloped outside of Aba.

I’ll let you in on a little secret: the reason people don’t go into it is because they believe they need to know how to make shoes in order to do so. Although it is required for anyone going into the business to have knowledge of how to make shoes, it’s really just a little bit of knowledge of how things have been done in the past.

You have the option of working with a shoemaker yourself or hiring one to do the task for you.

Enterprises devoted to recycling

If you are not going to refer to it as dirty, then it is a potentially lucrative business that has not been fully exploited solely because people believe it to be nasty.

The fact that you are there for the money, though, means that the dirty work can really help you put food on the table. One last thing, you may get started with as little as 50,000 in money if you want to.


Graduates are no longer putting their minds into getting white collar jobs because they’ve found an alternative, which is skill. However, in order to improve their skills, they watch videos on YouTube and read material that, in the end of the day, does not benefit them in any way except to frustrate them.

This is a common knowledge that white collar jobs are now a privilege to have. If you are able to establish a training center and engage professionals to teach your employees what they can learn in school, you will continue to see positive results in your business.

Event ushering

Your job is to coordinate the people who will act as ushers at an event. Despite the fact that this position requires a network, the potential earnings are substantial if you are successful. It requires a little initial investment, but you need to know the right individuals.

Selling gas cylinder

The majority of people today use gas to prepare their food because it is more hygienic and quicker than other options. However, gas users must change their gas at least once every six years and their burners on average once every two months. It is a profitable venture that has not yet been exploited.

Day care facility

Everyone wants to start elementary and secondary school, but nobody wants to start a day care because of the problems that are associated with it, such as cleaning up after a baby after they defecate. However, if you are willing to put up with the problems, there is little or no competition for you, and you will continue to make money without much effort.

Towing a vehicle

This is yet another lucrative industry that has not been fully exploited. You can expect to make at least #20,000 per day with a single towing vehicle, but since this business model is capital demanding, you will need money to purchase the towing vehicle.

But isn’t this one popping up everywhere these days?

In spite of the fact that laundromats are now located almost everywhere, especially in Lagos, there are still some areas in which it is difficult to find a laundromat. If you live in such an area, you should consider starting a laundromat business because it is very profitable despite the fact that it requires a large initial investment.

Some others are


Selling okirika

Mini importation

Purchasing labor on hire

Hair salon

Filling station

The renting of halls

Radio station

Writing agency

Digital marketing agency

Cassava processing

Animated motion picture

Rabbit farming

It is rare to hear people discussing rabbit farming, which is a good thing because it means there will be less competition for those who enter the industry.

When you hear people talking about animal production businesses, they are almost always discussing raising poultry or goats. The most appealing aspect of raising rabbits is the possibility of going from five rabbits at the beginning of the year to as many as eighty rabbits by the time the year is up.


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